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Welcome to Our Technology Town Planning Workshop

The beginning of the day

Our instructor will arrive between 8.30 and 8.45 am (unless otherwise arranged), with all the necessary equipment. They will report to reception upon arrival, approximately 20 minutes is then needed to prepare for the first session.

The Workshop

Each session begins with a short talk from the instructor, describing the basic principles of building houses.

Each child then constructs their own building unless the teacher prefers pairs of children to build a more ambitious model. On completion, children are then encouraged to assist their classmates, until the majority of buildings are finished.

By morning break some children will have finished their house, developed a garden and progressed onto the second part of the workshop which consists of building extra items to develop a group project representing a whole community.

A town scene is then prepared with the houses and building prepared earlier being plotted onto the design and town planning being taken into consideration.

Further Information

To achieve the best results we aim for each session to be 2½ hours long. In our opinion, it works better for the older group of children to occupy the morning session, which will normally be slightly longer than the afternoon, due to school timetables.

To achieve a spectacular result the school hall should be used with a minumum of 50 children for the morning or afternoon session.

Lego Technology Workshop Pic 1

Lego Workshop

Lego Workshop

Lego Workshop

Lego Workshop