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Altrincham Preparatory School 2

The boys in Years 1 & 6 teamed up to build Manchester out of Lego. Together they used their knowledge, imagination and creativity to plan, design and construct houses, offices, roads, canals, parks, football stadiums, cars, boats, aeroplanes, Manchester Airport and even Media City. The end result was superb.

Altrincham Preparatory School Lego Workshop

Taverham Hall Preparatory School

As part of a Lego Team Building Workshop run by specialist Phil Garside, pupils in Year 2 through to Year 8 worked together to build a city of their own out of the multi-coloured plastic bricks. Split into two groups, the children were engrossed in the workshop which encouraged the development of teamwork, logical thinking, creativity and practical design.

Taverham Hall School Lego Workshop

Hopping Hill Primary School

120 KS1 children enjoyed two sessions of Lego building. They created an Olympic village and worked in teams. It was a great day and really helped the children to build on their skills of listening, team work and problem solving. - Lisa Richards, Hopping Hill Primary School

Hopping Hill Primary School

Lego Day at Holy Trinity Primary School

It was Lego mania at Holy Trinity Primary School! The children in our class had an afternoon with Philip in the hall. We built a house and garden. Our town was beautiful.

Holy Trinity Halstead Lego Workshop

Guildhall Feoffment School

As part of Construction Week each class at Guildhall Feoffment took part in a Lego Building Workshop.

Guildhall Feoffment School Lego Workshop

Howard Junior School School

Youngsters at Howard Junior School let their imaginations run wild and showed off their skills as they worked together to construct a giant Lego city on Wednesday. The team-building exercise is held annually at the school and both staff and pupils look forward to it each year. Assistant headteacher Jason Harper said: "The children absolutely loved it. They get so excited about it each year because it gives them a chance to express themselves by building things. The adults get just as excited as the kids and we’re all in there as well trying to build things, but it’s great to see the smiles of the childrens’ faces."

Howard Junior School Lego Workshop

Monkton Combe School

Children's excitement could barely be contained last weekend as crates of Lego entered the hall ready for a fantastic Lego building morning. Both Monkton pupils and visitors to the school enjoyed a morning of Lego construction, working together to create a Lego city. Every child started with the task of building a house and then after that their imaginations took over. Working in teams the children built their very own Lego city, which included theatres, a pyramid, houses of every type and description, plenty of swimming pools and so much more. It was amazing just how big the city was considering it was constructed in just one morning, and the extremely high level of detail the children had thought of in their construction. This amazing day combined teamwork, imagination and plenty of dexterity. Each child left asking when the next Lego building day will be.

Monkton Combe Lego Workshop

The Paragon Junior School

Thanks for coming to The Paragon today. The children and pupils had a great time. We are particularly impressed by their speed, concentration and creativity.

The Paragon Junior School Lego Workshop

Scholes Elmet Primary School

Lego Day! A Lego expert came to our school on Wednesday. He showed us how to make Lego houses then we put them into a city. In our city we had trains, houses, a football pitch, an ice cream factory, lots of police vans and a jail. Harris even made a cat!

Scholes Elmet Primary Lego Workshop

St Mary & St Chad First School

St Mary and St Chad Lego Workshop

Altrincham Preparatory School

Year 1 and Year 6 joined forces to design and create their very own Lego Sport City complete with running tracks, swimming pools and a moving monorail. This task saw the Year 1 and Year 6 boys working collaboratively in small teams encouraging team work, discussion and friendship. We think that the design was good enough to challenge the Olympic Park!

Altrincham Prep School Lego Workshop

Marown Primary School

On Monday 14th May the school was visited by Mr Phil Garside 'The Lego Man' who brought with him enough Lego for the pupils to take part in a day filled with building fun!

Marown Primary School Lego Workshop

Browns Church of England Primary School

As part of our topic, 'Who lives here?', we had a visit from the Technology Town Planning Workshop. They worked with us for a whole morning to create our own lego town. We learn't so much about how real builders make houses strong, and about the different elements of a town.

Browns Church of England Lego Workshop

Horton Primary School, Gloucestershire - Gazette

Horton Primary Team Building Workshop

Dame Bradbury's School

The Rainey Hall was a hive of activity when the whole school participated in a Lego Team Building Workshop this week.

The end result was extremely impressive and inspired the children to think about the School's Olympic focus this academic year. "The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, worked hard and were motivated throughout. They were praised for their behaviour, cooperation and determination and, of course, for the end results," said Mrs Stranger, Head of Infants.

Dame Bradbury's Lego Workshop

Heron Corn Mill, Beetham - Westmorland Gazette

Heron Corn Mill Lego Workshop

Brierley Park Primary School

On Wednesday 22nd September the school was visited by Phil Garside 'The Lego Man' who brought with him enough lego for the whole school to take part in a day filled with building fun! The hall was filled with boxes of lego. In the morning the Key Stage 1 children worked together to construct a town, complete with street signs, gardens, parks and public buildings. The afternoon saw the Key Stage 2 children create a moving city complete with working lights. It was a fabulous day.

Brierley Park Primary School Lego Workshop

Barton Primary School

Barton Primary School Key Stage 1 were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Garside the Lego Man. He brings with him 79,000 pieces of lego and the children and their parents get to make fantastic houses with them, which are then all put together to create a stunning village. Barton Primary School Lego Workshop

Longwell Green Primary School

On Wednesday 21st January Longwell Green Primary School Years 4 and 5 took part in the Lego Experience. Two visitors came to school and brought tons of Lego to make an eco Lego village.

We were taught how to make a basic building, including the roof structure and the brick pattern. We got into groups on mats and started to create our own buildings to add to the village. Once we had created our buildings we got creative and added extra features e.g. sheds, ponds and gardens.

Some groups made other models such as stadiums, post offices, parks and horse jumps. We all enjoyed our experience.

Craigour Park Primary School

On Tuesday a man came to our school with lots and lots of lego. We all had to build a house and a back garden out of lego. Then we got to choose anything we wanted for our second build. We had to work cooperatively with each other and we all did this really well. Craigour Park Primary School Lego Workshop

Merchant Taylor's School

Today, Years 3 and 5 were involved in an amazing Lego Workshop, involving designing a town, providing it with electric lights, making bridges and a railway. The boys worked in groups and their efforts were amazing, using parallel circuits and making wind farms, a football stadium... and even an overhead railway.

St Matthew's School, Preston

"Year 3 and 4 had a really good day with Mr Garside from Lego team building. This day reinforced their work on electricity and light in class for their 'Music! Lights! Action' topic." St. Matthew's C.E. primary School

Redfield Edge Primary School

"Hazel and Pine class had a brilliant morning on 24th January 2012 when they took part in a Lego workshop and created their own Lego village. Fun was had by pupils and teachers alike."

Windsor Park Middle School, Uttoxeter

'Lego man' visits Windsor Park Middle School, in Uttoxeter - The Uttoxeter Advertiser